Green Point Community Centre Incorporated is a not-for-profit, incorporated community organisation. The Green Point Community Centre and Children’s Annex was established December 1994 by Gosford City Council. The council leased the building to the Green Point Community Centre Inc. to provide a variety of community services to people in the Green Point and surrounding community.

Green Point Community Centre is an organisation governed by a volunteer Management Committee voted in at the Annual General meeting by the members of the organisation.  Our main funding is from the Department of Family and Community Services NSW. We also source funding from other grants and room hire to support community projects.

Mission Statement

To create vibrant and welcoming  spaces for quality services and   programs of social value and practical benefits

Vision statement

Creating a resilient and socially inclusive community


Our Community, Our Programs and Our Services Our venue The Community Grind—Our  Social  Enterprise    Project
Delivering relevant and meaningful community programs in              partnership with our community by

· Maintaining our reputation as an        innovative centre

· Maintaining a variety of programs

· Meeting all funding obligations

· Maintaining existing partnerships and build new ones

· Developing viable outreach programs and strategies to ensure outlying areas are supported

Becoming the facility of choice for a variety of programs, events and activities by

· operating a viable, effective and   accountable community centre

· Increasing awareness of the location and facilities

· Recruiting, training and retaining enthusiastic staff and volunteers

· Developing accountable              management systems to ensure  longevity and sustainability and growth


Our mobile coffee cart providing on-going  community               information and engagement

· Being a training platform for         students

· Increase service provision to a broader cross section of the community

· Participating in community events

· Raising funds for the centre

· Linking people and                organisations